Type:Sesame oil press and refining line
Processing Materrial:Sesame,walnut,almond,sunflower seed,peanut,soybean,canola seed,flex seed,etc.
Major Equipment:Cleaning sieve,destoner,press machine,refining.

Adopt cleaning sieve and destoner machine remove the impurity,it will be good for the oil quality,cake quality and also will protect the press machine.

The press machine can be used in many oil seed,and the thickness of cake is adjustable.

The oil will go to refining workshop.

The refining workshop has three part:degumming,bleaching,and deodorization section.


Removing the phospholipid by adding hot water,when phospholipid

meets hot water, it will become bigger and bigger, then out of tanks.

Removing the FFA by add caustic soda (for taking neutralization reaction).


Remove the pigment by adding bleaching earth and the remaining bleaching earth will be filtrated by leaf filter.

3.Deodorization: Remove the oxide, solid particle and volatide gas.